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Heroes cancelled by NBC

Heroes: Season 2

Story yb Jack Foley

SUPERHERO drama Heroes has finally been cancelled by NBC after months of attempting to keep it going.

The network had reportedly been considering bringing the drama back for one final shortened season in order to wrap things up properly.

But, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the high production costs, coupled with the show’s consistently declining ratings, eventually spelt its demise.

NBC is also ushering in a number of new high-profile shows next season, so decided that it wasn’t worth the additional season of Heroes – although the door hasn’t been closed on the possibility of concluding it with a special or even a movie.

The announcement marks a sad end for the show, which has once been one of NBC’s biggest hits.

Its first season turned it into something of a phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic, thanks to a storyline that captured people’s imagination as various characters attempted to “save the cheerleader, save the world”.

But thereafter the show’s writers struggled to keep the show’s twisting narrative on track, with Season 2 noticing a marked deterioration in quality.

Fans also grew tired of various characters being killed off and then resurrected, as well as narrative threads being started and then abandoned in order to attempt to revive ratings.

Belated attempts to spice things up with the introduction of high profile guest stars, including Prison Break‘s Robert Knepper, also failed.