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Homeland exec teases Season 2 plot points


Story by Jack Foley

HOWARD Gordon, the executive producer of Homeland, has been dropping some hints about Season 2.

The critically acclaimed drama – starring Claire Danes and Damian Lewis – is due to return to Showtime in the US on September 30 and should follow on Channel 4 soon after (possibly late 2012).

And as expectation heightens, Gordon has revealed some of what’s in store to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Season two is going to start about five or six months after season one ended,” he said. “Carrie (Danes) will not be in the intelligence service and the world will be at a boiling point. There will be some new antagonists, definitely.”

He also said that shooting has taken place on location in Israel, which was used as a double for Beirut, adding that “large portions” of the plot will be set there.

Gordon, who is also a former executive producer on 24, confirmed that a lot of Homeland‘s storylines took their inspiration from real-life foreign affairs and said that this was even more so for the second season.

“We’re really looking at where the world is, what’s happening in the Middle East right now, and that’s going to be a major departure point from the first season,” he concluded.

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