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Homeland's Lewis and Danes tease season 2 character developments


Story by Jack Foley

CLAIRE Danes and Damian Lewis have been dropping a few teasers about what to expect from their characters during the second season of acclaimed drama Homeland.

Speaking at the Television Critics’ Association summer press tour panel, Lewis said that his character, Brody, is far from comfortable, despite holding a Senate seat.

“He’d like to think he’s in control of his own destiny, but he won’t be,” teased Lewis, in reference to his continued links to Muslim extremists. “Essentially, he’s everybody’s bitch. He’s pretty f**ked!”

Danes, meanwhile, said that while the first season finale of Homeland saw her character, Carrie, htting rock bottom and requiring months of therapy, she won’t be down for long.

She’ll be recruited again by the CIA for a one-off mission that “invigorates her”.

“She’s suffering from a real crisis of confidence,” said Danes. “She gets her mojo back, but it takes some time. I think she’s a little less paranoid, a little less high-strung.”

As for the relationship between her and Brody, it will be “less romantically inclined than professionally inclined” this time around.

Danes also reassured reporters that her recently announced pregnancy wouldn’t affect production of the second and possibly third seasons, adding that there were no plans to write it into the storyline.

“All is well, and Carrie remains fervently non-pregnant,” she joked.

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