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Homeland's third season promises bigger character developments than ever before


Story by Jack Foley

HOMELAND‘S incoming third season promises bigger character developments than ever before, according to Fox 21’s Bert Salke.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the TV executive said that the new episodes were also “more emotional”.

And he promised big seasons for Mandy Patinkin’s Saul (now promoted to the head of the CIA) and Rupert Friend’s shadowy operative Quinn (one of the second season’s biggest success stories).

Asked to address the backlash suffered by Homeland during its sophomore run, Salke elaborated: “That group holds themselves to a standard that is crazy.”

And speaking about what to expect from season three, he continued: “There are bigger developments character-wise this year than there have been. The best Homeland script that I’ve ever seen writing-wise was this year. Best one I’ve ever seen. And I think they’re playing at that level.

“It’s a more emotional show this year, and 2.0 means that other characters are going to come in. It’s a very big development season for Mandy Patinkin’s Saul, and for Quinn [Rupert Friend] too. And as opposed to the way some things went down last year, there are definitive answers here – and a development that nobody is thinking about that is personal and awesome.”

It was only recently revealed that Damian Lewis’s Brody character will not feature in the first two episodes as he is currently on the run.

There will also be more problems ahead for Claire Danes’s Carrie as she attempts to come to terms with the changing situation around her.

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