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Homeland second series will return to Channel 4


Story by Jack Foley

CHANNEL 4 has confirmed that it will show the second season of acclaimed US drama Homeland.

The first run of the thriller, which starred Damian Lewis and Claire Danes, came to a gripping end on British screens on Sunday night (May 6, 2012), attracting almost three million viewers to confirm its status as one of the broadcaster’s biggest ratings draws.

The big question remains just how soon it will come back given that the second season is currently scheduled to premiere in the US on Showtime on September 30.

Needless to say, viewers in the UK are now clamouring for Channel 4 to air those episodes as quickly as possible after the US debut, much like Sky does with its premiere imports such as Mad Men and Game of Thrones.

In the meantime, and as that second season nears, a trailer for Homeland‘s sophomore season has just debuted, posing a number of unanswered questions from the show’s first season that will be addressed as part of its next run.

These include such key humdingers as who has the video containing Brody’s final video message, where has the explosive bomb vest been left and who is the mole within the CIA working for Abu Nazir?

Here is that trailer…

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