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House: Season 7 plot details and guest stars revealed

House, Season 6

Story by Jack Foley

THE seventh season of Hugh Laurie’s medical drama House promises as many changes as it does new guest stars, according to the show’s stars and creators.

As the series prepares to make its autumnal debut on US TV (and Sky1 in the UK!), all eyes appear to be on how the relationship between House and Lisa Edelstein’s Dr Cuddy will develop in light of the revelation of their feelings for each other at the end of the sixth season.

Some cynics argue the decision to pair the two up may take some of the sting out of the show, while others are intrigued to see how long happiness can last – or whether it will evade the bickering duo.

But speaking to US publication The Hollywood Reporter, Edelstein maintains the show is in good health by taking a new direction.

“There [are] new reasons for them to be tense… All the things that make House who he is are not the things that are conducive to a great relationship. And she knows that.”

“[I mean] how do you resolve the fact that you’re in love with a guy who’s impossible?

“They struggle with all that stuff, but I think it’s very important to see House go through that struggle in the same way he struggled with drugs and the way he struggled with alcohol and his struggle with himself.”

Her comments were backed by the show’s executive producer Katie Jacobs, who said that House’s team will also pick up on these tensions.

“It’s a brand new take on the hospital for us because House and Cuddy work together,” Jacobs told the Hollywood Reporter.

“He still has to go to her for permission to move in the hospital, to run certain tests, to take certain chances and when that person that you work for you’re sleeping with, you wonder if you’re making the same choices, so it’s fun. It’s unexplored territory.”

In addition to House’s new predicament, the show will benefit from a number of guest stars, including Dylan Baker, Matthew Lillard, Amy Irving and Jennifer Grey.

Olivia Wilde, who plays Thirteen, will also return at some point – although details of how have yet to be revealed.

Wilde had asked the show’s creators to take a break while she pursues a burgeoning film career. She is currently shooting the blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens alongside Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford for director Jon Favreau.

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