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How to keep up with your local series while travelling

BBC iPlayer

Feature by guest writer

FOR most people, the idea of traveling to other countries is purely exciting. However, for those of us who have to travel constantly for business, visiting other countries gets tiring.

We don’t have the time to see the sights, and even if we do, the jet lag doesn’t get a chance to fade away.

Which is why I often end up in my hotel room in my spare time, trying to keep up with whatever I usually watch on television. It’s an easy way to relax into home comforts, and it keeps me sane after long flights.

But if you want to watch what you usually watch, you’re going to need to do a tiny bit of work. After all, streaming sites don’t work everywhere. BBC iPlayer in particular is only available in the UK.

Simply find the best VPN for BBC iPlayer and you’ll be on track in no time. Here is where you can catch your favourite shows…

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is not exactly what the BBC wants it to be. Not yet at least. Their hopes, like all big TV networks, is that they can move into the streaming market without appearing as a monolith to be avoided at all costs. Right now, however, BBC iPlayer is best used as a catch-up service.

This is perfect for when you’re traveling. Set your VPN to a server in the UK and you should be able to watch BBC iPlayer with no issues.


One of the great things about Netflix is that you can pick up where you left off, no matter where in the world you are. If you're in the middle of a series, you can easily get started on the next episode, even after flying across the world.

But Netflix can also be good for shows that you would normally watch on BBC or other local channels. In some countries, these series appear on the Netflix catalog. Check out where you can search for where in the world a show is playing on Netflix. Then you can simply set your VPN to that location.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video content has been kind of hit-and-miss, and if you’re unaware of the service, you haven’t missed out on much. Aside from big hitters, such as American Gods and The Man In The High Castle, its original series haven’t made big waves.

However, that might soon change, with shows like Good Omens, starring David Tennant, coming soon.

Other upcoming series include a new Lord of the Rings series, as well as a planned Wheel of Time series. The fantasy world, in other words, is alive and well on Amazon.

It may be worth signing up for a monthly subscription (or at least trying the free trial) to see if there’s anything that grabs you and to wait for the excited upcoming content.

Traveling is exciting, but when you're doing it regularly for business, and barely get a chance to leave your hotel room, staying in to watch TV can be the perfect balm.