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Hugh Laurie may quit TV acting after House

House: Season 8

Story by Jack Foley

HUGH Laurie has hinted that he may quit TV acting after he completes his run on House.

In an interview with the Daily Record, the British actor said he feels ‘spoiled’ in the role as the grumpy doc in the long-running US series, for which he has won two Golden Globes and received six Emmy nominations.

And he doesn’t feel, at least at this stage, as if he can top those achievements.

“I think I have been rather spoiled here (in America),” he said. “I can’t imagine there will be another one quite like this. … And I think I am extremely lucky to have had the one shot that I have had at it, and I wouldn’t go looking for lightning to strike twice.”

Laurie may instead go behind-the-scenes and look to get involved in something from a different perspective.

“I think I will probably be as interested by either writing or producing or directing, or some other aspect,” he added.

Citing the fact that each of the 170-odd episodes feel like movies, Laurie feels this has given him a wealth of experience to draw on to make the switch to an area he finds “fascinating”.

House is currently showing its eighth and possibly final season in the US and on Sky1 in the UK. No decision has yet been made on whether there will be a ninth season.

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