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James Norton, Olivia Williams, Tom Riley and Nick Frost join Joss Whedon's The Nevers


Story by Jack Foley

JAMES Norton (pictured), Olivia Williams, Tom Riley and Nick Frost are among 12 names to have joined the ensemble cast of Joss Whedon’s new HBO drama The Nevers.

The sci-fi drama follows a group of Victorian women who, according to HBO’s logline, “find themselves with unusual abilities, relentless enemies, and a mission that might change the world”.

Whedon created the series and will serve as showrunner. It marks his first TV show since Agents of SHIELD, which he co-created but hasn’t really taken a hands-on approach with.

Laura Donnelly has already been announced as the leading lady, following her recurring role as Jenny Fraser in Outlander.

A full list of the new ensemble players has been released, along with character names and descriptions. They are as follows…

The cast and their roles are:

Olivia Williams (Counterpart, Dollhouse, Manhattan) as Lavinia Bidlow, a wealthy spinster and champion of the “Touched,” as those with powers are known. She funds the Orphanage where Amalia True (Donnelly) and many of the Touched live via her family’s fortune. She’s stern and old-fashioned but also strong-willed and clever.

James Norton (Grantchester, McMafia, Happy Valley) as Hugo Swann, a pansexual posh boy whose charm has about five years left on his lease. He runs a secret club and a side trade in blackmail and is fascinated by the Touched.

Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demons) as Augustus “Augie” Bidlow, Lavinia’s younger brother and Hugo’s best friend. He’s unnerved by the Touched but finds himself increasingly drawn to them.

Ann Skelly (Vikings) as Penance Adair, Amalia’s dearest friend and one of the first women to join her cause. She has a genius for invention, is delighted by her power and has a firm sense of morality.

Ben Chaplin (Snowden, The Thin Red Line) as Detective Frank Mundi, a gruff, deeply moral officer who trusts no one, including himself. He’s caught between the powerful, who tend to ignore the law, and the newly empowered, who ignore the laws of physics.

Pip Torrens (Poldark) as Lord Massen, a former general who may be the only person who sees the havoc the Touched can wreak on the established order – which he’ll protect at any cost.

Zackary Momoh (Seven Seconds) as Dr Horatio Cousens, one of the few successful West Indian doctors in London. His fortunes took a dark turn after he met Amalia and discovered his own ability.

Amy Manson (Once Upon a Time) as Maladie, who’s been warped by a power she doesn’t understand and tortured by doctors intent on finding its source. She now lives underground and runs a murderous gang.

Nick Frost (Into The Badlands, Hot Fuzz) as Declan Orrun, aka The Beggar King. He’s a charismatic and brutal crime lord who’s equally happy to work with Amalia and her cause and to sell her out.

Rochelle Neil (Episodes) as Annie Carbey, aka Bonfire. A career criminal with the ability to control fire, Annie is happy to hire herself out but is neither impulsive nor cruel; she’s just looking out for herself.

Eleanor Tomlinson (Poldark) as Mary Brighton, who is gentle and surprisingly resilient. After a disappointing career as a singer and a broken engagement, she’s going to be great but doesn’t know how yet.

Denis O’Hare (Big Little Lies, American Horror Story) as Dr Edmund Hague, a gifted American surgeon who uses his skills in the coldest, most brutal way possible – but all in the name of progress.