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Joanne Froggatt teases more 'turmoils' for Anna and John Bates in Downton Abbey

Joanne Froggatt, Downton Abbey

Story by Jack Foley

DOWNTON Abbey star Joanne Froggatt – aka housemaid Anna Bates – has teased a few of season three’s plot points.

Speaking in an interview with People, the actress said that audiences will see her character “grow up that little bit more”, particularly as she strives to clear her husband’s name of murder.

“She’s a married lady now, she’s Mr Bates. She moves into a more senior position in the house and she kind of becomes a woman,” Froggatt commented. “Obviously, her and Mr Bates are having their turmoils again, so she’s fighting to free her man as well.”

In addition to the public’s ongoing love of the Froggatt-Brendan Coyle storyline, the actress also predicted that incoming screen legend Shirley MacLaine would quickly become a Downton favourite, adding that watching her shoot scenes with Dame Maggie Smith had been a career highlight.

“This scene I was in, there’s an amazing little conversation between the two of them, a sort of snipey conversation,” she continued. “It was like watching these two legends at work. It was one of the most special days I think I’ve ever had on set. It was magical.”

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