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John Hurt labels Downton Abbey as 'poxy'

Downton Abbey

Story by Jack Foley

BRITISH screen legend John Hurt has described nation’s favourite TV show Downton Abbey as ‘poxy’!

In an interview with The Times newspaper on Saturday (January 28, 2012), the three-time BAFTA winning actor of films such as Midnight Express and The Elephant Man vented angrily about the Julian Fellowes’ scripted period drama.

Asked what he thought of the show, Hurt said: “I just think it is poxy! I mean, I’m sorry, but it is rotten writing and rotten acting. And he is on the board of the Smith committee!”

The ‘he’ refers directly to Fellowes, while the committee in question is the Film Policy Review panel led by Lord Smith of Finsbury.

Indeed, Hurt’s anger wasn’t just reserved for Downton and Fellowes, but also Prime Minister David Cameron, whose recent comments on the UK film industry and backing for blockbusters was like a red rag to a bull.

Referring to the film industry as a food chain, he said that if you take away the seeds, the birds die and a studio system is created, which, he maintains, would be “outrageous and hopeless”.

Hurt was recently selected to receive the outstanding contribution to cinema award at the 2012 BAFTAs next month. Find out more

His comments about Downton follow those made by historian Simon Schama, who recently accused it of ‘cultural necrophilia’. Read more

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  1. John is right. DA is a third rate “Upstairs Downstairs” for Americans & soap opera viewers. Dreadful.

    Dominic    Feb 25    #