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Jon Bernthal returning to The Walking Dead for Season 9

Jon Bernthal

Story by Jack Foley

JON Bernthal is set to return to The Walking Dead for one episode during its forthcoming ninth season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The actor played former police officer Shane Walsh in the first two seasons of the show, outlasting the comic book version of his ill-fated character.

His character was eventually killed following an altercation with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), his former fellow officer and long-time best friend, only to return moments later as a walker and put down, permanently, by the late Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs).

AMC has refused to comment on THR’s story, so plot details of how Bernthal re-appears have yet to be confirmed. However, it could well take the form as a flashback.

And it looks likely to tie in with the departure of Lincoln’s character, given that the British star (and leading man of the series) has just announced his decision to exit the series during season 9.

Bernthal’s currently toplines another series, Netflix’s The Punisher, in which he plays Marvel anti-hero Frank Castle.