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Jonathan Ross talks of 'relief' at quitting BBC

Jonathan Ross

Story by Jack Foley

BBC Radio and TV presenter and film critic Jonathan Ross has spoken of his relief at quitting the BBC.

In an interview with the Guardian, the popular personality said he now “can’t wait” to leave the Beeb given the changing climate within the corporation.

Ross feels the place has “changed quite dramatically” over the years he has been with them, saying: “The people running it are always trying to second-guess what the newspapers will say.”

He also described the controversy that followed his obscene prank call to Andrew Sachs as “quite entertaining”, referring to subsequent newspaper coverage of the affair as “just silly”.

“It was weird watching people get themselves into a lather over something so intrinsically unimportant,” he added.

Ironically, it led to Ross being suspended without pay for three months following the now notorious radio broadcast, as well as Russell Brand quitting the BBC along with BBC Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas.

Ross is due to end his contract with the BBC in July but intends to continue hosting the Bafta Film Awards, Comic Relief and other BBC specials.

He also revealed that he has had “firm offers” from two other UK broadcasters and looked forward to pursuing the next chapter in his career.

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  1. And what of our relief that he’s leaving?

    Barbara    Apr 13    #