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Joseph Fiennes to play Michael Jackson for Sky Arts

Flash Forward

Story by Jack Foley

JOSEPH Fiennes is to play the late singer Michael Jackson in a 9/11 road trip comedy for Sky TV.

Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon will be a one-off, half-hour comedy that re-enacts a road trip allegedly made between Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando following the New York terrorist attacks in September 2001.

In an attempt to get home to the West Coast, the trio are said to have driven from New York to Ohio, with frequent stops at fast-food restaurants, at Brando’s insistence.

Details of the trip first emerged in an article written by Vanity Fair, although some of Taylor’s friends claim she did not make the trip.

Stockard Channing will play Elizabeth Taylor while Brian Cox will play late acting great Brando.

Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon was written by Neil Forsyth, and is directed by Ben Palmer, whose credits include The Inbetweeners Movie and Man Up.

In a statement, a spokesman for Sky commented: “Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon is a Sky Arts comedy which takes a light-hearted look at a reportedly true event; Joseph Fiennes is cast as Michael Jackson.

“It is part of a series of comedies about unlikely stories from arts and cultural history. Sky Arts gives producers the creative freedom to cast roles as they wish, within the diversity framework which we have set.”

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