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Katherine Jenkins to star in festive Doctor Who

Katherine Jenkins

Story by Jack Foley

CLASSICAL singer Katherine Jenkins is to make her acting debut in the BBC’s Christmas special of Doctor Who.

The popular performer will line up alongside Michael Gambon in the one-hour festive edition which, according to producers, will offer a special twist on the theme of A Christmas Carol.

Executive producer Steven Moffat has described it as “all your favourite Christmas movies at once”.

Welsh vocalist Jenkins will be following in the footsteps of another singer, Kylie Minogue, who appeared in the 2007 Christmas special of the show.

Commenting on the announcement, Jenkins said: “I’m over the moon to be involved in the Doctor Who Christmas special. I can’t quite believe it as it’s a part of the family tradition at the Jenkins household.

“I heard the news that I got the role on my 30th birthday and it was the best birthday present ever.”

Mr Moffat echoed that excitement, saying that his creative team would be going for broke, with monsters, time-travel and a honeymoon all included.

“I’ve honestly never been so excited about writing anything,” he told the BBC. “I was laughing madly as I typed along to Christmas songs in April.”

The hour-long show will join Doctor’s assistant Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and new husband Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) as they venture off on their honeymoon – only to hit complications!