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Kelly Macdonald joins BBC drama The Victim with John Hannah

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Story by Jack Foley

KELLY Macdonald has joined the cast of new BBC legal drama The Victim alongside John Hannah and James Harkness.

The four-part drama, which has now begun filming in Scotland, has been created by Rob Williams, the man behind the Amazon hit The Man in the High Castle.

Set in Edinburgh and Greenock, the show will focus on Scotland’s unique legal system, and will be told through the eyes of the plaintiff and the accused.

Anna Dean (Macdonald) plays the Edinburgh mother of a nine-year-old boy who was murdered 15 years ago by a then 13-year-old.

Having campaigned to be told of the killer’s new identity and whereabouts, she is accused of revealing his new name online. But what exactly is she guilty of and what is she capable of doing in her son’s name?

Meanwhile, Craig Myers (Harkness) is a hard-working family man from Greenock who becomes the victim of a vicious attack after being branded online as a notorious child murderer living under a new identity.

Is he simply the tragic victim of mistaken identity or the convicted murderer he’s suspected of being?

The ensemble drama is rounded out by Jamie Sives, Karla Crome, Ramon Tikaram, Cal MacAninch, Chloe Pirrie and Isis Hainsworth.