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Lawrence of Arabia to become TV mini-series

Lawrence of Arabia

Story by Jack Foley

LAWRENCE of Arabia is to become a TV mini-series.

The six hour drama is being produced by blockbuster filmmaker Roland Emmerich (of Independence Day, 2012 fame) and is being co-written by Clive Bradley (Waking The Dead) and Rod Lurie (Straw Dogs).

Michael Korda, a well-known biographer whose works include Ike, Ulysses S. Grant and Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia, will also serve as the official historical consultant on the project.

The drama will chronicle the heroic journey of British Army officer TE Lawrence, who became famous as ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ owing to his unique role with Arab leaders during World War I.

His story has previously been featured in David Lean’s iconic 1962 film starring Peter O’Toole, winning seven Academy Awards.

He will also feature in Werner Herzog’s new film, Queen of the Desert, a biopic of Gertrude Bell that stars Naomi Watts in the lead role and finds Robert Pattinson playing Lawrence. Find out more

Commenting on the mini-series, David Ellender, CEO of FremantleMedia International, said: “TE Lawrence was undoubtedly one of the greatest military and political strategists of our time and a stunningly intrepid Englishman who tried to unite the Arab world.

“The heritage of this story is fascinating – beyond the historical element, it’s a personal tale of emotional turmoil, identity crisis, conflicting loyalties and individual brilliance.”

As yet, there is no word on casting.

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