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Lipstick Jungle: Season 2 - Review & competition

Lipstick Jungle, Season 2

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

LIPSTICK Jungle was one of a crop of American TV shows that found itself axed as part of the credit crunch cutbacks. It’s a shame for the show offers enjoyable viewing in spite of its many flaws.

Notable for being another creation from Sex & The City author Candace Bushnell, it boasted a cast of three attractive leads – Kim Raver (24), Brooke Shields and Lindsay Price – as well as regular support from eye candy hunks such as Andrew McCarthy and Robert Buckley.

Season 1 established these three successful New York businesswomen as pretty engaging – and attractive – company to be around. It wasn’t quite as slick or outrageous as Sex & The City, but slightly more mature and definitely worth investing time in.

Season 2 continued this trend and engaged and frustrated in equal measure.

Essentially, it follows Wendy (Shields), a fiercely ambitious and funny woman trying to balance kids and a career, Nico (Raver), the sassy editor-in-chief intent on becoming CEO, and Victory (Price), a fashion designer who’s a sensation on and off the catwalk, through their various ups and downs.

Occasionally irritating, yet sometimes poignant, the show benefited from employing a trio of actresses who could genuinely make you care for them no matter how selfish, or neurotic they became.

Shields, in particular, demonstrated some nice comic timing as Wendy who, this time around, had to cope with the indignity of being fired after going to bat for a dying friend, and then coping with swapping roles with her husband (Paul Blackthorne) as the primary care giver.

Later on in the series, the two did annoy as they changed their minds and moods more often than the New York breeze, but their strife was always entertaining in a car wreck kind of way.

Victory, meanwhile, continued to annoy as the junior member of the trio… her will she/won’t she relationship with Andrew McCarthy’s suave businessman milked for all it was worth. That said, the resolution of their affair was nicely played and guaranteed to leave viewers with a warm glow.

The real star, however, continued to be Raver, whose outwardly cold Nico concealed a vulnerable individual still trying to come to terms with her husband’s infidelity and death, whilst struggling in her new relationship with Buckley’s young, confident photo-journalist.

Over the course of the second series, Nico would have to contend with surprise motherhood (after her late husband’s young lover “dumps” her child on her), heartbreaking decisions and a new potential love interest from a surprising work colleague. Raver, to her credit, played each aspect impeccably and really provided the show with its heart and soul.

Naturally, given a show of its nature, Lipstick Jungle is more for the ladies than the men… but it can be enjoyed by both without much struggle.

It deserved a third season… but alas, that wasn’t to be. Instead, sit back and savour this Sex & The City alternative, which provides engaging, if fogettable, viewing throughout.

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Certificate: 15
Running time: 8 hours 52 minutes
UK DVD Release: June 29, 2009