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Lost finale attracts over 600,000 to Sky1


Story by Jack Foley

MORE than 600,000 fans tuned in to watch the last ever episodes of Lost on Monday, May 24, 2010, as Sky1 broadcast the finale simultaneously with its US broadcast.

However, of that figure, only 68,000 actually got up at 5am to watch it live – as the figure only rose when timeshifted viewing was taken into account, using video recorders and Sky+.

According to figures compiled by The Guardian newspaper, the early morning start for Lost accounted for an unusually high proportion of timeshift viewing, which contributed to almost 90% of the total viewing figures.

In an unprecedented event, Sky1 was one of only seven non-US broadcasters to simulcast The End as it was beamed in live from the US via network ABC’s west coast transmission.

The decision was made to maximise Sky’s viewing figures and provide fans with an opportunity to see the conclusion live, instead of having to raid internet feeds and illegal downloads to prevent them from finding out what happened via other sources.

It therefore marked a successful decision for the UK broadcaster as, in the past month Lost – which normally airs on Sky1 at 9pm on Friday – has attracted a weekly average of between 500,000 and 575,000 viewers when the live audience and same day timeshifted viewing are combined.

In the US, meanwhile, the final episode attracted 13 million viewers – the highest ratings for the show for two years.

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