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Lost finale to be screened simultaneously with US broadcast

A promotional shot from the approaching sixth and final season of Lost.

Story by Jack Foley

LOST fans in the UK are being given the chance to watch the keenly anticipated finale of the show at the same time as it airs on US TV – so long as they can get up early!

Sky has announced that it will screen the final two and a half hour episode simultaneously with its US broadcast.

That means that UK viewers can get up at 5am (BST) on Monday morning (May 24, 2010) to tune in as the show airs on Sunday night in the US.

It will then repeat the episode at 9pm on Sky1 and Sky1 HD on Tuesday night.

The sixth and final season of the show has so far divided fans over its merit. Some believe it has marked a return to form, while other remain baffled at the shifting time zones.

No one is sure whether the final episodes will add up to a satisfactory conclusion, in which everything is explained.

Lost became a TV phenomenon when it first hit screens in 2005. Its first episode, screened in the UK in August 2005, remains the most expensive TV pilot in history.

Initially, it attracted around six million viewers in the UK, but as the story began to shift direction, viewing figures began to fall and the show had lost almost half its audience by the second season.

Series six, on Sky1, has maintained around one million viewers per episode – although it should be interesting to see how many of them get up early on Monday to see if the answers are revealed.

Lost follows the lives of a group of plane crash survivors who are stranded on a mysterious tropical island.