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Matt Smith to tour UK as Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Story by Jack Foley

NEW Doctor Who actor Matt Smith is to be introduced to fans across the UK later this month in a national tour.

The young actor, who is the 11th person to take on the iconic role, will be joined by his companion, Karen Gillan, in showcasing the first episode of the upcoming series, which is due to begin airing on the BBC at Easter.

The time-traveeling duo will travel around the UK on a tour bus as part of a BBC Outreach programme that aims to target hard-to-reach communities relatively under-served by the BBC.

The locations are Belfast, Inverness, Sunderland, Salford and Northampton, with Belfast marking the first stop on March 29 and Salford completing the journey on March 31, 2010.

According to the BBC, each location will also host a regional premiere of episode one, The Eleventh Hour, for local children.

Following this, the BBC will also hold big screen Doctor Who events in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Plymouth and Swansea, as well showing a 3D trailer for the new series.

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