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Michael C Hall laments execution of Dexter's final episode

Dexter, the final episode

Story by Jack Foley

MICHAEL C Hall has spoken of both his admiration and regret at the way his long-running serial killer series Dexter finally ended.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter while promoting his new film, Cold in July, the actor said that he agreed with the direction the finale took but felt the way it was executed left a little to be desired.

“I feel good in the sense that Dexter made a recognition about the way he lived his life and the way it had affected those closest to him, which inspires him to fake his own death and exile himself from the world.

“The way it was executed was maybe less than optimal. I think you spend more and more storytelling capital as a show goes on and on and on, and I think we struggled to have the inherent torque we started with.”

There were, however, a couple of reasons for this, according to Hall, the most notable of which was the departure – after the end of season 4 – of Clyde Phillips, its former leader.

“[He] jumped ship and we were without that definitive captain. It was a tough time to lose that, given that the fundamental construct of the show had been obliterated [following the shocking resolution of the Trinity killer case].”

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Cold in July sees Hall taking on another killer, albeit a very different one. After he accidentally shoots a home invader, a man is forced to come to terms with his actions and finds himself drawn into a vastly different world to the one he formerly inhabited and making some unlikely new alliances that take him into some dark places.

Hall admits to seeing some immediate similarities that could lead to accusations of typecasting. But any such fears were soon allayed by the direction the script – by Jim Mickle – quickly took.

“I was conscious of it when I looked at the Cold in July script and saw that my character killed someone in the first few pages. The context, though, in which that happens is so fundamentally different, both in terms of the character himself and the world he’s living in. Frankly, it was therapeutic to do this on the heels of Dexter and to play someone who has a greater sense of human remorse.”

Cold in July is released in UK cinemas on June 27, 2014.

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