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Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch for Waco TV mini-series

The Iceman

Story by Jack Foley

MICHAEL Shannon and Taylor Kitsch are to star in a a six-part mini-series called Waco.

The drama will be based on the true story of the 1993 FBI siege of a religious sect in Waco, Texas that resulted in a deadly shootout and fire.

Shannon will play lead FBI negotiator Gary Noesner, while Kitsch will play cult leader David Koresh.

The scripted series will examine the details of the 51- day siege between US government officials and Koresh’s spiritual sect, The Branch Davidians, and will include perspective from people on both sides of the conflict.

This will include the views of surviving Branch Davidians who have provided detail that stands in what producers describe as “stark contrast to the media narrative at the time” as well as “what is remembered of Waco almost 25 years later”.

The series will also draw from two biographies: A Place Called Waco, by Branch Davidian David Thibodeau, one of the nine survivors of the final fire on April 19, 1993, and Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator, by the FBI’s Special Agent in Charge of Negotiations, Gary Noesner.

Commenting on the casting news, Harvey Weinstein, The Weinstein Company co-chairman, said in a statement: “Waco is a provocative series where the drama and excitement are amplified by the truth and the history surrounding the event, along with a cast of amazing actors including the incredible Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch.

“We are looking forward to working with Sharon Levy [Executive Vice President, Original Series, Spike] and her team to bring this story to life.”

Both Shannon and Kitsch are no strangers to the small screen. Shannon shot to prominence in HBO ensemble Boardwalk Empire while Kitsch found fame on critically-acclaimed series Friday Night Lights. He also co-starred in last year’s True Detective: Season 2.

Shannon will shortly be seen in Mike Nicholls’ Oscar-tipped romantic drama Loving and was most recently seen in Midnight Special and Elvis & Nixon.

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