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Mistresses: Season 2 - Review

Mistresses, Season 2

Review by Lisa Duddy

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

SEASON 2 of BBC drama Mistresses continues the journey of the life and love of four friends, Jessica (Shelley Conn), Trudi (Sharon Small), Katie (Sarah Parish) and Siobhan (Orla Brady), all of whom are very different from each other. The one thing they all have in common is their complicated lives.

The second series begins with Jessica’s wedding, which is somewhat surprising, given her lifestyle and beliefs of not being tied down to one man, living for the moment and having lots of fun.

Her husband, Mark, is suave, sophisticated and extremely wealthy. He shares these views and thrives on constant female attention. As time goes on, Jessica realises that he is enough for her, but does he feel the same way about her. A twist in the story forces the issue, so will they live happily ever after?

Katie is desperately trying to get her life back in order, after a disastrous affair with a married man and his son, which had serious implications on her career.

Having lost her previous job, her friend and former lover Jack (Steven Brand) gets her a junior position at the local hospital. She quickly befriends Jack’s colleague, Dan (Mark Umbers) and a relationship develops between them. However, feelings and emotions are aroused between the former lovers. This once again leaves Katie in a vulnerable position where she is in danger of hurting the people closest to her.

Trudi is still with partner Richard (Patrick Baladi), but the relationship untangles many lies and secrets involving his past. This leaves Trudy wondering whether he is the right person for her and her daughters to be with.

Finally there’s Siobhan who, since we last saw her, is finding her marriage increasingly isolating. Still unable to forgive her previous infidelity, Harry refuses to share a bed with her.

To fulfil her needs, she spends nights in hotel rooms with complete strangers. This seems relatively simple to her, until one of them decides to pursue her. It’s only a matter of time before her problems and secret life is exposed, which tears apart her already delicate family.

Mistresses has been dubbed the poor man’s Sex and the City. The latter, however, presents a more comical version of women trying to find a relationship in a fast moving New York lifestyle.

Mistresses, on the other hand, is a classy British drama, which sees you laughing and crying with the characters as they work through each of their difficult situations. The entire cast are very believable, and Tuesday nights simply are not the same since the series ended.

Mistresses: Season 2 is now available to buy on DVD, certificate 15.