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Public Enemies - Preview

Public Enemies

Preview by Jack Foley

STARRING two of the top British acting talents of the moment Anna Friel and Daniel Mays, Public Enemies is the riveting, heavyweight event drama that hit the BBC in January and screened over a three-day period to great critical acclaim.

Created by multi-award winning writer Tony Marchant (Holding On, Garrow’s Law), this hard-hitting drama deals with the effects of the British Justice system on the lives of those that become part of it.

It comes to DVD courtesy of Arrow Films on April 30, 2012.

Friel (Limitless, Pushing Daisies) plays probation officer Paula Radnor, suspended from her job due to an ex-murderer killing again on her watch, she returns to work and embarks on a new and difficult case.

Eddie Mottram (Mays – Shifty, Vera Drake), has served 10 years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend, released on probation he must report to Paula, but Eddie is a tough character, although desperate for a second chance he resents his old friends, his new accommodation and the public in general.

Can Paula help Eddie reclaim his life and his reputation or will he end up back in the institution he’s so desperate to escape from?

Public Enemies is a complex, gripping and incredibly moving drama.