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Robin Hood axed by BBC

Robin Hood (BBC version)

Story by Jack Foley

THE BBC has confirmed that its adaptation of Robin Hood will not return for a fourth series.

The BBC1 show, starring Jonas Armstrong, suffered a dramatic ratings decline during its third season, culminating in a season finel that saw the iconic outlaw being killed off.

The final episode was also moved to BBC2 to make way for a tennis match at Wimbledon featuring Andy Murray.

In a statement, a spokesman for the BBC said: “With the death of Robin, we feel that the show has reached its natural conclusion.”

Rumours about the show’s chances of making it into a fourth season have been circulating ever since Armstrong announced his intention to quit the show before the 13-part third series was screened.

But few could have predicted the dramatic turn of events in the storyline, which saw Robin meet his end in a showdown with arch-villains, the Sheriff of Nottingham (played by Keith Allen) and Guy of Gisbourne (Richard Armitage).

He was murdered by a poison-tipped sword after killing his nemesis.

Amazingly, only 2.2 million tuned in to watch the finale once it had been moved to BBC2 – down from the 4 million that had prompted the decision to axe the show.

In its prime, the Saturday tea-time adventure – which occupied the slot taken by Merlin and Doctor Who – had been able to attract an average audience of 8.6 million.

  1. Please could SOME commentator – ANY commentator – show they actually watched the series and especially the ending! By the ending of the series, Guy of Gisborne was NOT fighting Robin but on his side and, in fact, died trying to save him and in his arms. If you (collectively as ‘journalists’) can’t get something like this right, what else – in a larger context – are you getting wrong?

    Deb    Jul 4    #
  2. You obviously did not bother to watch the show you are commenting on as the final scenes were nothing like you describe. If you are going to comment on something at least make sure of your facts.

    June Young    Jul 5    #