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Seth Rogen pens Simpsons episode

Seth Rogen in Knocked Up

Story by Jack Foley

SETH Rogen has fulfilled a lifetime dream by co-writing an episode of The Simpsons, as well as lending his inimitable voice to a character.

The episode in question airs in the US on Sunday (September 27, 200), kicking off the 21st season of Fox’s landmark show.

Rogen’s achievement is notable because he is only the second visiting celebrity to both write and act in an episode, following in the footsteps of Ricky Gervais who did so in 2006.

But the star of films such as Knocked Up, Funny Peopple and the forthcoming Green Lantern movie said afterwards: “As a writer, it [The Simpsons] always just seemed like the Holy Grail. I can die a happy man now.”

Rogen co-penned the episode with writing partner Evan Goldberg in collaboration with the show’s main writers. And elements play off the actor’s pre-filming fitness regimen for Green Hornet, which also came in for stick as part of the Funny People script.

It’s called Homer the Whopper and sees Rogen guest starring as a trainer assigned to get Homer Simpson in superhero shape to play Everyman, a hero created by Comic Book Guy.

“We wanted to comment on how Hollywood generally ruins these movies,” explained the comedian to Variety. “The whole joke is Homer is cast to play a guy who’s an everyman and they try to make him into this physically fit guy.”

He added that recording the episode marked “one of the highlights of my life” so far, admitting that he was in shock for some time afterwards.

Further celebrities heading for The Simpsons as part of its 21 season include Sarah Silverman and Angela Bassett.