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Sherlock series three opener could be The Adventure of the Empty House


Story by Jack Foley

SHERLOCK co-creator Mark Gatiss has been dropping hints about the third series of popular BBC series Sherlock.

In an interview with PA, the actor and writer said that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story The Adventure of the Empty House could well be the starting point for the forthcoming season.

Sherlock‘s dramatic series two finale saw Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) apparently plummet to his death following a tussle with Moriarty and was a loose adaptation of Conan Doyle’s The Final Problem.

The Empty House is the next story chronologically in Conan Doyle’s book series and, according to Gatiss, is an obvious choice because “certain things about [it] feel set in stone because that’s how Sherlock comes back”.

But he didn’t rule out tinkering a little, saying: “But at the same time we feel free to invent and to introduce new stuff to it.”

Gatiss wouldn’t be drawn on which other of the books series three will mine for stories, merely adding: “Steven [Moffat] and I have our all-time favourites, but it’s really a question of what will fit into the structure.”

The third series of Sherlock is currently scheduled to begin filming in early 2013.

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