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Skins: Series 5 - Preview & competition

Skins: Complete Season 5

Preview by Jack Foley

E4’S MULTI BAFTA award-winning drama Skins is back for its fifth series and a third generation of cast.

With more sex, booze, drugs and anarchy than ever Skins Series 5 is to be the most raucous series and is now available to own on DVD on March 21.

Getting drunk, high, laid and up in time for college the next day, Skins Series 5 introduced us to eight rebellious yet completely unique teenagers. Following the lives of four boys and four girls, series 5 sees prissy princesses put in their place, outsiders find theirs, hate turn into love and the girls finally taking over, taking charge and taking names…

There’s MINI (Freya Mavor), the leader whose strong exterior and controlling nature hides a vulnerable young girl.

LIV (Laya Lewis), Mini’s second in command, a clumsy but beautiful party animal with a big heart.

GRACE (Jessica Sula), who seems pure as the driven snow, but even her best friends don’t really know her. And into this group of best mates crashes FRANKY (Dakota Blue Richards): super-intelligent, strange and androgynous.

The universe bends to her difference and weirdness, and so do these girls – eventually.

Then there are the boys. RICH (Alexander Arnold) – a cynical metalhead who will never compromise. His best mate ALO (Will Merrick) – farmer boy, pot-head, porn connoisseur.

NICK (Sean Teale), Mini’s boyfriend, is captain of the rugby team. He’s good-looking, popular, arrogant and unhappy.

MATTY (Sebastian De Souza) fits the bill of the tall, dark and handsome outsider. But is Matty all that he seems or does he have a darker edge that no one would’ve ever expected?

Find out all this and more in Skins Series 5, available for the first time on DVD, essential for any Skins fan.

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