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Skins: Series 6 - DVD Preview & trailer

Skins: Series 6

Preview by Jack Foley

THE Skins gang are back and blazing their way through a holiday in Morocco before their final year at college.

What begins as holiday filled with sun, sex and swimming pools quickly turns into a living hell, resulting in shocking and devastating consequences. When the gang returns to Bristol everything has changed, and may never be the same again…

In this release, the characters established in the last series are taken on an extraordinary journey of self discovery.

Find out what’s going on in Franky (Dakota Blue Richards) and Matty’s (Sebastian De Souza) relationship as Franky goes through a sexual awakening that unleashes a wild and unpredictable side. Meanwhile, Nick (Sean Teale) slowly begins to realise just what his brother sees in Franky.

Catch up with Grac (Jessica Sula) and Rich (Alexander Arnold) who are closer than ever, but as with all Skins relationships, something unexpected awaits them!

In the aftermath of life-changing events, find out what happens when Liv (Laya Lewis) and Mini’s (Freya Mavor) friendship is put to the ultimate test. And will Alo’s (Will Merrick) refusal to grow up cause a rift between the gang?

The Series 6 DVD release introduces a range of new characters including new-boy Alex who lands with a bump into the gang’s world. With explosive and dramatic storylines, will the new boy in town be able to bring them together as they attempt to enter adulthood?

Brilliantly written by a unique team of young British writers and teen contributors, Skins is the show that continues a tradition of taking risks and going where others daren’t.

Friendships fall apart and dangerous relationships begin in the most exciting and adventurous Skins yet, out to own on DVD on April 23, 2012.

Plus, fans of the series can re-live Skins from the very beginning with the series 1-6 box-set out on the same day.

Watch the trailer: