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Some Dogs Bite: TV goes inter-active - Preview

Some Dogs Bite

Preview by Jack Foley

SOME Dogs Bite is an independent British feature film directed by award-winning director Marc Munden (The Devil’s Whore, The Mark of Cain). It will also be making TV history by becoming the first ‘real time interactive drama’ produced by the BBC.

Airing on BBC3 on November 10, 2010, at 9pm, the story focuses on a dysfunctional family of three half-brothers who, following their mother’s death, are reluctantly reunited when 14-year-old Casey absconds from care (with his baby brother Severino) in order to track down his real father.

Aaron Taylor (Sweet Deal) plays the eldest brother H (aka Halliday), Thomas Brodie Sangster (Nowhere Boy, Nanny McPhee, Love Actually) plays his younger half brother Casey, Michelle Asante (Sand Serpents) and Mandeep Dhillon play the equally troubled Venetia and her friend Seema who join forces with the boys for part of the journey.

Aymen Hamdouchi plays Lenny, Halliday’s friend who has just returned from service in Afghanistan.

Director Marc Munden comments: “Some Dogs Bite is a film that can only have been made now – when adults are children and children are expected to be adults, when adults are no longer able to take on the burden of parenting, so infantilized have they become, so dependent on escaping through drugs and drink. And children have to take on that burden instead.”

Some Dogs Bite is a Kindle Entertainment and BBC production.

The Interactive element…

Some Dogs Bite Interactive takes the story of H, Casey and Severino online and allows the user to become a part of their world and make decisions that affect the outcome of their lives.

Each mini-drama starts with the social services telling H that he can keep his family together, but he soon finds that being the responsible carer is not always easy.

Ever-present social workers, attending parenting classes, caring for his younger brothers and facing the daily temptation of girls, petty crime and the need for more money, H is a fish out of water who is constantly facing new and tough decisions.

Should he tell his social worker about the financial mess he’s in? Or keep quiet and tough it out himself?

Should he go home with the girl he meets at a party? Or should he go back to the flat, and make sure Casey is okay?

Should he grass up his mate and be the target of revenge? Or refuse to name names, and face having Casey and Sevvie taken away forever?

These are the kind of tough dilemmas, where there is no obvious right or wrong, that H faces every day. And they’re the kind of dilemmas that lots of young people face all the time.

Hence, users of the interactive drama are asked to make one pivotal decision for H in each episode and then instantly see the consequences of their decision in action.

Using groundbreaking technology, Some Dogs Bite Interactive offers the user a seamless dramatic experience.

Whereas in most interactive dramas before it, the user has been asked to make a decision and then wait for that choice to take effect, Some Dogs Bite Interactive instantly incorporates the user’s decision and continues directly onto the next part of the story.

This seamlessness means that it resembles a normal television drama, but one in which the user is directly affecting the story and immediately able to see how life choices can dramatically change a life.

Says Interactive Producer Matt Williams: “Some Dogs Bite Interactive is the first ‘real time interactive drama’ produced by the BBC. This has been made possible by the rapid growth of broadband in homes and schools, and by using software specially developed by BBC Learning Innovations to create seamless and immersive video experiences designed to engage and motivate the audience in a new way.”

Some Dogs Bite airs on BBC3 on November 10, 2010, at 9pm.