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Southland: Fourth season will see major reset


Story by Jack Foley

THE fourth season of acclaimed cop drama Southland will undergo “a major reset”, according to one of its main stars.

Michael Cudlitz, who plays troubled, formerly painkiller addicted officer John Cooper, has revealed that all the main characters will have to make changes following the dramatic ending to season three (which saw his own character forced to enter detox after an intervention by his partner).

The cop drama, which airs on More4 in the UK, commences its fourth run on TNT in the US tonight (January 17, 2012) and, quite frankly, its return to UK screens can’t come quickly enough.

But teasing a little of what to expect, Cudlitz told TV Line: “[It’s the] same old Southland as far as the stories are told, but all the characters are going through a major reset. We’ve flashed forward eight months [from the end of season three].”

For starters, Cooper will have a new partner, in the form of cast addition Lucy Liu, with whom he enjoys “a wonderful chemistry”. But he will cross paths with former partner Ben Sherman (played by Ben McKenzie), given that “there’s a lot of issues that are still unresolved” between them following the season three finale.

Another of Southland‘s leading lights, Shawn Hatosy (who plays Sammy), has also said that the fourth season feels like “a different show”.

“It’s action-packed,” he said.

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