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Starsky & Hutch reboot being developed for TV by James Gunn

Starsky and Hutch - Season 4

Story by Jack Foley

A REBOOT of classic ’70s TV cop show Starsky & Hutch is in the works.

Guardians of the Galaxy screenwriter-director James Gunn is set to pen the script and potentially direct the project depending on his availability, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As yet, however, the project is still being pitched and the script hasn’t been started.

However, if it gets the go-ahead, Gunn would write the script with his brother, Brian Gunn, and cousin, Mark Gunn. All three will also executive produce alongside Sony-based Neal Moritz.

Gunn, however, could find himself time constrained by his ongoing commitment to the third Guardians of the Galaxy feature for Marvel and Disney. He wrote and directed the first two films in the Chris Pratt-fronted franchise and has already been hinting at plans for the final part of his trilogy, as well as potential spin-offs within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The reboot is described as a character-driven hour-long procedural.

Starsky & Hutch first premiered in 1975 as a movie of the week on ABC. The series starred David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser and ran for four seasons and nearly 100 episodes.

A feature film, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, was released in 2004 by Warner Bros. and Dimension Films, grossing $170.2 million worldwide.

Reboots are being developed thick and fast by US television companies. Only recently, ABC has confirmed plans for a live-action take on The Jetsons, while NBC is adapting The Munsters and Miami Vice.

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