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Supernatural: Season 6, Volume 1 - Preview

Supernatural: Season 6, Volume 1

Preview by Jack Foley

THE thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester brothers continues into the sixth season when Volume 1 is released on DVD on Monday, August 29.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) spent their lives on the road, battling every kind of supernatural threat.

And over the years, after dozens of bloody adventures, they finally closed in on their dark destiny. Sam and Dean learned they were to be important and prophesied participants in the Apocalypse.

Together, with the help of their friends – father-figure Bobby and fallen angel Castiel – they managed to avert the End and defeat Destiny itself.

But at a terrible cost. For Sam sacrificed himself… imprisoned in the same fiery pit that caged Lucifer. And Dean, heartbroken and alone, was forced to pick up the pieces of his life.

A year later, his past inevitably catches up to him – in the form of Sam… mysteriously freed from his cage in hell. And Sam needs his brother to rejoin the fight – because a new threat is rising in the dark corners and backwoods of America.

Supernatural: Season 6, Volume 1 features the first 11 episodes in what many fans have called the best season yet.

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