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Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 2 Preview & competition

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 2

Preview by Jack Foley

THE second series of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles will be available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray disc this Autumn – released by Warner Bros Home Video. The popular action-drama box set will be hitting UK shelves on November 16, 2009.

The heart-racing action and technological weaponry is set to wow fans of the blockbuster Terminator franchise.

The intense second season sees Sarah and her teenage son, John, relentlessly battling to save themselves and the world time and time again. Fugitives from the law, they must evade pursuers from the future – and the present – in today’s Los Angeles.

Picking up where Season 1 left off, Sarah Connor continues on her mission to bring down the Skynet Artificial Intelligence Network. Her son John is mankind’s only hope in the war against our own creations but at 16, he is rebelling against the reality of his destiny – Sarah must protect him by taking out Terminators and federal officers every step of the way.

No Terminator fan should miss out on the exciting DVD and BD extras available. Insightful audio commentary, ‘terminated’ scenes, a full ‘gag reel’ plus various new featurettes revealing backstage secrets and amazing fight scene rehearsals make this box set essential to complete any collection.

Win Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 2 on DVD

To celebrate the release of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 2 on DVD on Monday, November 16, 2009, IndieLondon is offering readers the chance to win 1 of 2 copies of the box set. Simply answer the following question…

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