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The Fall producers defend season one cliffhanger

The Fall

Story by Jack Foley

THE producers of hit BBC2 crime drama The Fall have been forced to defend the decision not to resolve the case and end with a cliffhanger.

The Gillian Anderson star vehicle came to an end on Monday night (June 10, 2013) and failed to solve the serial killer case, prompting some anger from fans and writers on social networking sites such as Twitter.

But Artists’ Studio creative director Gub Neal has writer Allan Cubitt’s decision to roll things over into the forthcoming second season by arguing this echoed the complexity of life, rather than the ‘tidy’ wrap up of formula TV.

He told Broadcast: “Allan has always been very committed to taking the long view on stories. A critical part of what he’s trying to do is change the nature of the way these stories are told. TV cops often live in the world of TV cops. It’s a TV rhetoric, not reality.

“What we know is that life’s not like that. It’s not that easy to catch serial killers – detectives aren’t superhumans.

“Many dramas don’t personalise their victims; you don’t see the father breaking down in the police corridor. The whole thing is often a game and this was not a game but a chance to re-charge some of those key issues about morality that are forgotten sometimes in general rhetoric.”

The decision not to resolve the case could yet backfire. A similar decision on American TV series The Killing prompted a similar outcry going into the show’s second series and eventually led to the decision to axe the show after it failed to bring back as many viewers for its sophomore run.

The Killing has since been picked up for a third series by a rival channel and will be available to UK viewers exclusively via Netflix.

The Fall was a huge ratings hit for BBC2 with the finale pulling in 3.6 million viewers.

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