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The hottest on-screen CIA agents

Feature by Jack Foley

THE release of the first season of Covert Affairs on DVD next week (Monday, June 18, 2012) has us reminiscing over the hottest CIA agents to hit the screen.

There is just something universally sexy about these CIA agents – whether it the mysterious and secretive nature they bring to the role, the impossible stunt moves or simply their physical perfection.

These actors and actresses stepped into the esteemed American security role flawlessly – and very, very attractively. So, without further ado, here’s our selection of the CIA’s hottest (and often most lethal!).

Matt Damon – Jason Bourne

The Bourne Ultimatum

Matt Damon was 50 shades of hot throughout this film franchise. This beloved actor starred as the elusive and amnesiac CIA operative Jason Bourne.

There wasn’t a moment in these fast-paced action thrillers that Damon didn’t command the role and leave the audience (especially the ladies) wanting more Bourne. And that was whether chasing Moroccan assassins through crowded market places to save the lady or merely driving at breakneck pace through the streets of Eastern Europe to gain revenge on the assassin responsible for killing the woman he loved.

Tom Cruise – Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3

Men all over the world rejoiced when their girlfriends and wives allowed them to pick Mission Impossible for movie night, but it wasn’t the action the women were interested in.

Tom Cruise brings the world arguably the most iconic and hottest CIA agent to hit the screen – Ethan Hunt. A post-MI depression then gripped the world, as women everywhere realised he wasn’t real and men had to deal with it.

Eric Close – Chaos

Eric Close, Chaos

Just looking at him cues large waves of swooning. We couldn’t forget Eric Close’s amazing role as CIA operative Michael Dorset in the American television series CHAOS.

Why this comedic drama about CIA agents was only on for one season is beyond any level of comprehension – Americans have eyes, right?

In fact, the decision to axe was even harder to explain when you also consider some of Dorset’s colleagues on the show, whether it be Freddy Rodriguez or Christine Cole.

George Clooney – Syriana

George Clooney in Syriana

Not sure whether to be impressed or disturbed that George gorgeous Clooney still looks impossibly hot with grey beard.

In Syriana, the devilishly handsome actor stepped into the role as Bob Barnes, a veteran CIA agent on a mission to stop Middle Eastern illegal arms trafficking.

Clooney also served as the executive producer for this politically bold and realistic film, in turn robbing the universe of the age-old notion that no one is perfect.

Jennifer Garner – Alias

Jennifer Garner, Alias

It’s time to level the fictional CIA playing field a little bit – after all, women do things better. The alluring Jennifer Garner dominated television for five successful seasons in the hit action series Alias.

Real-life sweetheart Garner played Sydney Bristow, a stunning and sexy double agent for both the CIA and the international crime organization SD-6.

And did you also know that Alias also featured the likes of Bradley Cooper, Melissa George and Mia Maestro at various points?

Liam Neeson – Taken

Liam Neeson in Taken

When parents learn their children will be studying abroad one of the first things to now escape their panicked mouths is: “Have you seen Taken?”.

Boys roll their eyes, but the girls often reply yes, and if crossing an ocean is what takes for Liam Neeson to rescue them then so be it.

Neeson’s incredible role as a dangerously brilliant former CIA agent on a mission to save his daughter still haunts us. And there’s a sequel coming!

Cary Grant – Charade

Cary Grant, Charade

One of the first and one of the best, we’ll never forget Cary Grant’s role as a CIA agent alongside Audrey Hepburn in the 1963 classic Charade.

Our grandmothers would agree that he was one of the hottest – err, agreeable – actors of the time and of all time. The handsome Hollywood success and his legendary acting set the bar high for onscreen CIA agents.

The film is also notable for its screenplay, especially the repartee between Grant and Hepburn, for having been filmed on location in Paris, for Henry Mancini’s score and theme song, and for the animated titles by Maurice Binder.

Angelina Jolie – Salt


Be honest, even if she was mute in Salt she would have made the list. Any role Angelina touches she brings her drop-dead-gorgeous looks and sex appeal with her, and add the allure of a CIA agent and you have a successful thriller.

Angie impressed most with her role as Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent on a mission to clear her name after an accusation of being a Russian spy.

Johnny Depp – Once Upon A Time in Mexico

Johnny Depp

Whether he is a drunken eyeliner-wearing pirate, sporting scissors as hands, playing a murderous barber on Fleet Street or bleeding from the eyes – Johnny Depp miraculously maintains his hotness.

His role as the lunatic CIA agent Sands in the 2005 western thriller Once Upon a Time in Mexico was no different. As Depp’s character once asked: “Are you a Mexican or a Mexican’t?” He had what it takes to be a Mexican, even blind!

Piper Perabo – Covert Affairs

Piper Perabo, Covert Affairs

Since her early acting days when she rocked the table tops of Coyote Ugly, Piper Perabo has been stunning us with her gorgeous look and top-notch performances.

Her sex appeal meets intelligent CIA agent in her role as Annie Walker on Covert Affairs. Ironically, the series is from the producer of The Bourne Trilogy, Doug Liman

We can’t wait to watch the striking blonde in action again from the comfort of our couches when the latest season of the series is released on DVD and Blu-ray Monday

The first season of Covert Affairs will be released on DVD June 18 from Universal Pictures UK Playback.