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The Killing episode 11 (Missing) – review

Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) in The Killing

Review by Tim Carson

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

We hope you’re keeping up with The Killing, if not don’t read on!

Oh no The Killing goes badly wrong with an episode that felt like an indulgence and a detour. Having gathered pace last week we suddenly hit a brick wall and meandered off down a side alley with Detective Linden and her new best friend Stephen Holder.

Linden is thrown out of the casino she suspects Rosie might have been going to on the night she disappeared and told to get a warrant. But that will take over a week while a warrant to access the cameras on the bank’s ATMs at the casino will come through in less time – but they still have to wait.

It’s then, however, that Linden discovers her son Jack has gone missing and she sets off to find him with Holder in tow.

We then spend the rest of the episode with the two detectives as they frantically search for Jack. Again, you’d have to question the detectives skills here as it’s blatantly obvious Jack is most likely to have gone off with his dad. He’s mentioned him frequently and spoken about seeing him so why Linden doesn’t even bother to check with him is ridiculous.

The hunt for Jack also completely halts the momentum that was building in the show and is definitely not what we wanted this close to the end. Some people might disagree but this was a wasted and frustrating episode.

Yes, we learned a bit more about Linden’s background, who she is and why she does what she does but was it really necessary? And while Holder continues to redeem himself from his irritating beginnings, he lets his family down to be with Linden. It is a noble act and shows his affection for the grumpy Linden, but given his unreliable drug-affected behaviour in the past he needed to a little clearer with his excuses to his sister – ie why did he not simply say: “My boss’s son has gone missing and she needs my help.” It seems to needlessly be storing up trouble for him.

There are some nice scenes and some good moments between the actors Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, but really you just want them to get on with the case.

Thankfully, if somewhat unsurprisingly, Jack turns up safe and well having been with his dad. It’s clear the boy is unhappy and that Sarah Linden’s parenting leaves a lot to be desired, consumed as she is by her work, but it feels heavy-handed to devote a whole episode to fleshing out things we already know or suspect.

In the end we do get the breakthrough in the case we’d been after as Holder finds Rosie on footage from one of the cameras on the ATMs at the casino and we all set up for next week’s double episode conclusion. Let’s hope it’s been worth the wait.

The Killing is on Channel 4 on Thursday nights from 9pm.

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  1. I’ve got to say I loved this episode! I’d been waiting for Linden and Holder to spend some proper time together so we could really get to know their characters and I felt this really delivered. And while the momentum of the case did suffer, I still appreciated the insights it provided into two of TV’s most fascinating characters… offering tantalising looks at severely damaged pasts that explained some of their actions and insecurities in the present. Top, top performances too. Although it would appear the case will need something major to happen … and quickly … for it to be resolved in a satisfying and unrushed fashion.

    Rob    Sep 9    #
  2. I agree with the reviewer. Great episode if you’re seeking an acting masterclass; bad episode if you’re seeking a resolution.

    Trevor    Sep 12    #