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The Killing episode 4 (A Soundless Echo) - review

Rick and Detective Linden

Review by Tim Carson

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

AS suspected the video evidence that pointed towards Jasper and Kris being the killers – or at least involved – was not what it seemed and Detectives Linden and Holder were soon back to square one.

And so The Killing continues to grip – leading us, like the detectives, in one direction before twisting us in another. While gradually muddying the water around Rosie’s death, the show is slowly pealing back the layers of its characters.

We learned that rookie detective Holder could be more than just playing with “junkie chic”. While being questioned, suspected killer and definite junkie, Kris, fired the accusation at Holder his interrogator. It may not be true but you also wouldn’t be surprised.

We also discovered that the case has echoes of an earlier incident from Sarah Linden’s past too as her fiancé Rick returns to surprise her. His concern that she has yet to join him in California increased by the fact current case might mean more to her than others as he says: “It’s not happening again is it? Chasing after a dead girl?”

We also learned that Stan Larsen, Rosie’s father, has a dark past and that Sterling her best friend is not as shy and retiring as she first seems.

Everything is progressing at a leisurely pace with the multiple strands of the show all creeping forward slowly. This is fine and part of the pleasure of The Killing. It’s not rushing to drive the plot on necessarily and using forced coincidences. It feels more real and the nature of the crime and the impact it has on every one involved is keenly felt.

The gut-wrenching sadness that is eating away at Rosie’s parents is still the over-riding emotion you take away from every episode. The way it would be in the real world. But there is plenty more to enjoy – or should that be endure – with all of the character displaying human frailty and flaws.

Linden and Holder also display some good detective skills tracking down links between Rosie and her teacher Bennett and so revealing a new suspect. How credible will this one turn out to be?

The Killing is on Channel 4 on Thursday nights from 9pm..

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