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The Killing episode 6 (What You Have Left) - review

Stan Larsen in The Killing

Review by Tim Carson

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

We hope you’re keeping up with The Killing, if not don’t read on!

The evidence against Rosie’s teacher Bennet Ahmed was slowly mounting at the end of the last episode and in What You Have Left the case against him seemingly gathers pace.

You have to say seemingly with The Killing because you never know what’s around the corner. Earlier episodes saw the school caretaker and Rosie’s “buddies” Jasper and Kris all seemingly banged to rights but none of them were as guilty as they first seemed.

What you can say about that he’s certainly suspicious in his behaviour and the circumstantial evidence is strong. And by the end of the episode it’s not only him in the frame but his wife. It’s a nice twist – if not a massive one – and we’ll see how it all eventually plays out.

The episode was also important in its revelations about Stan Larsen – and, in fact, his sister-in-law Terry. Stan’s dark past came to the attention of Detective Holder via his mysterious friend. Having been an enforcer for the Polish mob some 18 years earlier it seems Stan Larsen isn’t someone to be messed with. Whether that gap is good news or bad news for Bennet we’ll have to wait and see.

Terry, Mitch’s sister revealed that she knew Jasper’s father but again the significance or otherwise of this will have to wait.

As ever the Larsen’s grief was painted in vivid detail and you can still feel the damage it’s doing to the family, especially Rosie’s two young brothers who seem to spend more time with their aunt than their parents.

In contrast to the very personal side of the story the political repercussions of Rosie’s death are also being felt. Idealistic politician Darren Richmond is being hammered by his to the case. But rather than try and worn his way out of a bigger connection to Bennet Ahmed he sticks to his principles. It’s to the delight of his rival the mayor and the dismay of his team.

It’s a real strength of the show that while revelling in the hunt for the killer it also takes the time to show the ripples the death of one girl has across a community.

While the pace may at times feel almost too slow it never loses its grip and always leaves you wanting more. And that’s the sign of a great TV show.

The Killing is on Channel 4 on Thursday nights from 9pm..

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