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The Killing episode 7 (Vengeance) – review

Detective Sarah Linden

Review by Tim Carson

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

We hope you’re keeping up with The Killing, if not don’t read on!

Another week, another twist, another turn. The Killing continues to delight and frustrate as the search for Rosie Larsen’s killer continues.

The seventh episode started not with a bang but with the definite threat of one hanging in the rain-soaked Seattle air. Stan Larsen had chief suspect Bennet Ahmed in his car and at his mercy and we had no idea know what he was going to do as he pulled up at the end of a dock across from the city.

It’s a fantastic scene full of tension – even if you can’t help but question why Bennet doesn’t lock himself in the car when Stan gets out – aided by the cuts back and forth to those hunting for both men.

It comes to an unexpected conclusion as Bennet walks into his house as Detective Linden is questioning his wife. It’s only later that we learn Stan couldn’t go back to the old mob-enforcer he used to be as the birth of Rosie had changed him. It’s another poignant and dramatic revelation about the strong, silent man.

It still gets us no closer to knowing who killed Rosie. The police investigation is bouncing from one suspect to another and just as they think they’ve nailed Bennet, evidence appears to cast doubt on his guilt and a new potential lead is taken up. Now Linden and Holder are on the trail of a man called Mohammed who studied the Quoran with Bennet and had access to his house.

And while the drive and centre of the show is on this investigation it’s the areas around the edge that hold the most interest for us as viewers. We know the investigation still has many twists and turns to take before the end and that clues to the killer’s identity and motivation lie in the stories of the characters.

Darren Richmond and the Mayor’s political careers are both tied up with Rosie’s death – the Mayor being very quick to cast on Richmond’s connection with Bennet. Does he know more than he’s letting on? And in Richmond’s case why is he committing political suicide by refusing to distance himself from Bennet even when it costs him his beloved All-Stars community programme? And just what is Gwen after and how much of a stake has her dad the senator got in the outcome of the election too?

As for the detectives on the show the fractious relationship between Linden and Holder continues – especially as Holder thought Linden had finally left for California. For a detective he’s not very good as it was obvious she was never going to go. But the repercussions for Linden are wider reaching than getting further immersed in the investigation it’s causing her relationship with both her son and fiancé to crack.

The show comes it’s most dramatic conclusion yet as Linden and Holden track down a lead on Mohammed. As they break into what appears to be a padlocked meat-locker they are interrupted in their search by the explosive arrival of the FBI. It’s a stunning end to the episode that raises all sorts of questions that makes next week’s show seem way too far away!

The Killing is on Channel 4 on Thursday nights from 9pm.

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