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The Killing stars promise strong second season as well as revelations

Det Sarah Linden in The Killing

Story by Jack Foley

AS THE US version of The Killing gets ready to return to US TV in April, both its leading lady and executive producer have told fans to expect a strong return as well as the revelation of Rosie Larsen’s murderer.

Contrary to initial expectations, however, the unmasking of the killer will not take place until the end of the season, scotching rumours that it would take place around the midway point.

But Mireille Enos has predicted that fans will “really enjoy” the new season, describing it as “exceptional” and much more tense.

Speaking to TV Line, she added: “It picks up the moment you left it behind, and from there the stakes just jump 500%. The mystery just keeps unfolding and everything keeps getting more and more personal for all of these characters.”

Her comments follow those made by executive producer Veena Sud, who said that she never expected such a backlash following the controversial end to Season 1, which failed to reveal the identity of the killer.

Determined to avoid such outcry again, Sud said: “For the record, who killed Rosie Larsen will not be revealed until the end of season two.”

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