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The Pacific - Preview

The Pacific

Preview by Jack Foley

ON DECEMBER 8, 1941, just over 24 hours after the Japanese surprise attack on the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Congress issued a formal declaration of war against the Empire of Japan.

For a decade, tensions had been mounting between Japan and the US, as the Japanese expanded their conquest of a large region including much of China and Southeast Asia.

As a result of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States officially entered World War II, already in its third year of being waged by countries of the Allied powers, including the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China, Canada and Australia, against the Axis powers of Japan, Germany and Italy.

Practically overnight, military recruiting offices across the United States were jammed, as thousands of Americans rushed to enlist in the armed forces. Many of those young men chose to join the Marine Corps, which saw its ranks more than triple in the six months following Pearl Harbor.

The Pacific tracks the three entwined, real-life journeys of Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale), Eugene Sledge (Joe Mazzello) and John Basilone (Jon Seda), as well as their fellow Marines over the vast landscape of the Pacific in World War II.

The mini-series follows them from their first battle with the Japanese on Guadalcanal, through the rain forests of Cape Gloucester and the strongholds of Peleliu, across the black sand terraces of Iwo Jima and through the horror of Okinawa, and finally to their triumphant but uneasy return home after V-J Day.

The series:

The production of the series has cost an estimated $200 million and has been shot entirely in High Definition. The investment in the project has given the finished series the look and feel of a major Hollywood theatrical release with the ongoing narrative of a serial drama.

Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies, said: “We were blown away when we saw the previews of the series – the cinematography and effects are pure Hollywood. It seemed only natural that a premium production such as this should live on Sky Movies, where it can be viewed as the director intended – in HD and with no ad breaks.”

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The Pacific will begin on Sky Movies Premiere HD during Easter 2010.