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The Sopranos - The Complete First Season (Blu-ray) - Preview

The Sopranos

Preview by Jack Foley

HBO HOME Entertainment celebrates the 10th Anniversary year of the debut of their groundbreaking, multi award winning series The Sopranos on November 23, 2009, with the Blu-ray release of The Complete First Season.

For the first time ever, fans will be able to experience this controversial and brilliant series in a whole new light.

The drama is all the more effective on Blu-ray with its gritty, challenging portrayal of the modern mafia. Viewers will be able to witness ever whack, madonn’ and hit in unflinching detail with enhanced sound and HD picture for the first time ever. With expansive special features, you’ll be transported into the heart of the action where the clarity of the format will make you feel you’re actually in Tony’s kitchen or being analysed in Dr. Malfi’s office.

BLU-RAY SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary with Creator/Writer/Director David Chase and Peter Bogdanovich; David Chase Interview; Family Life featurette; Meet Tony Soprano featurette; Series Index.

A stunning, newly repackaged DVD box set of the complete series 1-6 will also be released on the same day.

Building on HBO’s stunning collection of landmark TV series on Blu-ray, The Sopranos won an astonishing 21 Emmy® and 5 Golden Globe® awards.

Writer-producer-director David Chase’s extraordinary television series is an urban gangster drama, but its true impact strikes closer to home, chronicling a dysfunctional, suburban American family in bold relief.

The Sopranos stars three-time Emmy® winners James Gandolfini (In The Loop) as Tony Soprano and Edie Falco as Tony’s wife Carmela, plus Lorraine Bracco as therapist Dr. Jennifer Melfi, Emmy® winner Michael Imperioli (Goodfellas) as Tony’s nephew Christopher Moltisanti and Dominic Chianese as Uncle Junior.

Other series regulars include Robert Iler as Anthony Soprano, Jr., Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Meadow Soprano, Tony Sirico as Paulie Walnuts and Steven Van Zandt as Silvio Dante.

The Show

Tony Soprano tries to be a good family man on two fronts – to his wife, kids and widowed mother – and as a capo in the New Jersey mob. The pressure of work and family life give him anxiety attacks, so Tony starts seeing a psychiatrist, which is not the kind of thing a guy advertises in the circles Tony moves in – it could get him killed.

What caused all this stress? On the home front his marriage is shaky and his mother needs to be put in a nursing home (he calls it a ‘retirement community’ but she still won’t go).

Uncle Junior wanted to use Tony’s childhood friend’s restaurant to whack a guy called Pussy Malenga, but Tony prevented the hit by blowing the place up. When a Czech mob attempted to move in on the Sopranos’ waste management business Tony’s hot-headed nephew Chris ‘handled the problem’ by murdering their representative and dumping him on Staten Island without getting the permission of the administration.

To top it all off, Tony is haunted by the feeling that the glory days of mob life are long gone, and that he might not measure up to the titans of the past.
It’s enough to make anyone see a shrink…

Certificate: 18
Running time: 754mins
UK Blu-ray Release: November 23, 2009