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The Vampire Diaries: Season 3 - More Originals and more Klaus promised

The Vampire Diaries

Story by Jack Foley

AS The Vampire Diaries prepares to enter its third season, there appears to be a lot more at stake for its main trio.

Both Comic-Con and a US press tour have offered teasing tasters of what to expect, including a crowd-pleasing shot of Ian Somerhalder surprising Elena while soapy, wet and topless.

But we digress… the main plot points to look out for during the first part of season 3 would appear to be a darker side to Paul Wesley’s Stefan.

Says producer Julie Plec: “We’re going to be exploring the levels of Stefan and his dark side for, hopefully, a good amount of time. So, while he might be separated [from Elena and Damon] in the beginning, [there are questions].

“How long he’ll be separated, what will happen, will they be able to help him/find him/rescue him/bring him back from the edge, or will he keep fighting that?”

There will also be more of Klaus.

Says Joseph Morgan: “We get a chance to go back and see the point where they became vampires and where the curse was placed on Klaus to suppress his hybrid nature, his hybrid side.

“It’ll be interesting when we introduce other originals who are possibly equally as powerful or have some sort of emotional hold over Klaus … to see what that brings out of him.”

Nina Dobrev’s Elena, meanwhile, will turn 18 and have to juggle feelings for absent, darker Stefan, stay-at-home ‘hero’ Damon and find out more about Alaric.

On that latter point Dobrev reveals: “Elena and Alaric go on a sweaty, rugged adventure together, and I have to cool off at one point.

“We get to bond a little bit, and filming scenes with Matt Davis is great, because he’s a really funny light-hearted guy and there’s a lot of comic relief.”

As for Somerhalder, his Damon will have to face up to being a “reluctant hero”, as he’s forced to get over his werewolf bite and keep Elena out of trouble, while attempting to find and bring his brother back from the brink.

The Vampire Diaries will return to ITV2 this autumn.

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