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The Walking Dead - Second season will be gorier

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead

Story by Jack Foley

HORROR hit The Walking Dead is to get darker and even gorier during its second season.

The AMC series, which became a hit for F/X last autumn, is due to return in October and producers have been letting slip on a few things to expect when it does!

Speaking on Friday (March 4, 2011) at the Paley Center in Los Angeles, during a tribute to the show, executive Producer Frank (The Shawshank Redemption) Darabont promised that season two would be “challenging, dark shit”.

He said that the love triangle between Andrew Lincoln’s Rick, Sarah Wayne Callies’ Lori and Jon Bernthal’s Shane will intensify as the surviving characters are forced to adapt to their increasingly harsh new world.

In addition to the threat posed by zombies, there will also be a lack of medicine, contaminated water and explosions.

There will also be more from Michael Rooker’s Merle, who’ll be tested further by the suvivors and who could turn out to be the Governor, a ‘twisted and iconic’ character from the comics that inspired the series.

Season two will also pick up in the direct aftermath of the first season, enabling the characters to enter “a reactive phase”, according to Darabont.

However, Darabont did warn fans to expect some deviations from the graphic novel, which fellow producer Robert Kirkman insisted “is not law”.

Kirkman also told Entertainment Weekly: “We’ve been talking to [zombie effects master] Greg Nicotero a lot about some cool zombie stuff he has planned. As much as this show pushed the envelope of gore on TV… all I can say [is] you haven’t seen anything yet.” Read the full interview

Filming on the new season is due to commence in May.

Evidence of The Walking Dead‘s success comes from viewing figures that showed that just over 6 million viewers tuned in for the season finale, making it the most-watched episode of the season. It also averaged 3.5 million viewers over its six-episode season.

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