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The White Queen sex scenes cut by BBC

The White Queen

Story by Jack Foley

THE BBC has censored some of the sex scenes in its new costume drama The White Queen, according to leading man Max Irons.

The 10-episode series is a co-production between the BBC and Starz (creators of Spartacus) but will be slightly different when broadcast in their different countries.

“You get a lot more arse in the Starz version,” joked Irons in an interview with Metro. “There’s the BBC cut and the Starz cut. The cameras kept rolling after the BBC stopped the scene.”

Irons plays Edward IV in the adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s novel alongside Rebecca Ferguson as Elizabeth Woodville, the White Queen. The drama is set during the War of the Roses, one of the bloodiest wars in English history.

Irons also revealed that the cast had to film some scenes twice for the US and UK versions.

“The other funny thing with Starz was that you had to do extra lines,” he continued. “For the BBC, I’d say to my brother, ‘Come here, George’. But for Starz it would be, ‘Come here George, Duke of Clarence’, so they’d know what I was on about.”

The White Queen begins on Sunday, June 16 at 9pm on BBC One.

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