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Toby's Travelling Circus - Preview

Toby's Travelling Circus

Preview by Jack Foley

TOBY’S Travelling Circus – the smash hit Channel 5 Milkshake! stop motion animation from Komixx Entertainment – comes to DVD for the first time from Delta Leisure on October 28, 2013.

The programme, which follows the adventures of seven-year-old Toby, ringmaster of a travelling circus and fairground, has been a huge success with Milkshake viewers since it launched in September 2012.

The highest rated episode was watched by 400,000 people, with 4.9 million viewers for the series in total. And its popularity looks set to stay – last month’s viewing figures show Toby’s Travelling Circus remains one of Milkshake!’s most popular weekend programmes.

This warm-hearted series brings all the fun of the big top to the small screen in beautiful stop motion animation from award-winning animators Mackinnon and Saunders, the same team behind the recent Fantastic Mr Fox film.

Jessica Symons, Head of Children’s, Channel 5 Milkshake! commented: “It was clear from the strength of the characters, stories and production that Toby’s Travelling Circus was going to be a big hit with our audience. We’re very happy to have been proved right, with the show’s unique visual appeal and emphasis on practice and teamwork striking a real chord with children and parents alike.”

Charle Webster, Director of Product and Marketing, commented: “We are very excited that Toby’s Travelling Circus has joined the Delta family. The show has built up a considerable following on Channel 5’s Milkshake! and we are sure that Toby’s legions of fans will welcome the release of this first DVD. Komixx has invested a great deal in getting Toby’s Travelling Circus just right; they have a profound understanding of the retail sector and we are working closely with them to create an environment where Toby can prosper.

“We believe Toby is poised to become a major children’s brand in all sectors and have a programme of releases planned to reflect its growth in the market place.”

Toby’s Travelling Circus is aimed at children aged three to six years old. In each episode Toby and his friends try to put on the greatest show they can, in the process learning that practice makes perfect and that when they work together, they can achieve anything.

Under the watchful eye of mum Dolores, Toby is joined by his mischievous sidekick Momo the monkey and his team of performers: Thor the strongman, Li and Ling the acrobats, clowns Clara and Freddo and one-man band Jango, along with the three dodgems Bish, Bash and Bosh.

When things go wrong and obstacles get in their way, Toby and his friends have to improvise and find ways around them – because in the circus, the show must go on. The programme encourages children to perform and have fun, as well as teaching them the values of teamwork and practice.

The greatest show in town Toby’s Travelling Circus, as seen on C5 Milkshake!, comes to DVD on October 28, 2013.

Series one’s episodes are…

Twin Trouble

Toby decides he wants the team to come up with some new, spectacular acts. Twins Li and Ling the trapeze artists don’t always see eye to eye and when they quarrel over a new ending to their act, Toby steps in to help.

Toby Is Magic
A sell-out show demands something special and Momo explains to Toby he needs a new act so, as everyone else is too busy, Toby tries his hand at magic. Meanwhile Thor devises a karate book-chopping trick, but causes a problem with his choice of book.

Fantastic Freddo
Freddo wants to sing in the show, but he’s out of time and out of tune, so Jango tries to coach him without much success. They soon discover Freddo can’t count, so Clara devises a system to help him make a unique musical contribution to the show.

Thor On The Floor
Dolores wants Thor to dance in the show finale, but Thor hasn’t danced before so the each of the ensemble tries to teach him some moves. Thor comes up with his own style, The Stomp, and he and the team put on a stomping great performance.

High Wire Wobbles
Freddo’s ambition is to join Li and Ling on the high wire – but he doesn’t have a head for heights. With the help of the team and some custard pies, they put on a spectacular and very messy show with hilarious results.

Banana Drama
Someone has stolen Dolores’ home made banoffee pies, so Toby sets a trap to catch the culprit red-handed. He is punished by having to do the washing up, but there’s a reward at the end.

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