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Treme's Michiel Huisman joins Game of Thrones

Michiel Huisman

Story by Jack Foley

TREME star Michiel Huisman has joined the fourth season of HBO hit Game of Thrones.

Although details on who Huisman will play are being kept under wraps The Hollywood Reporter broke the news after spotting a photo of the actor bulking up for the role that was posted on Instagram by his trainer.

Huisman, who also starred in zombie thriller World War Z this summer, joins an ever-expanding rota of newcomers to the show’s fourth season – some of whom also remain under wraps in terms of who they will play.

Joseph Gatt is primary among those, although the smart money seems to suggest he’s been signed up to play Styr, Magnar of Thenn, the wildling leader known for his muscular build and hairless body.

George R.R. Martin has hinted that the character will appear in the fourth season, along with other new characters Mace Tyrell (father of Margaery and Loras) and Oberyn Martell (better known as The Red Viper).

The latter two roles have already been cast, though, with Roger Ashton-Griffiths taking on Mace Tyrell and Pedro Pascal landing the coveted Red Viper.

Also on board is Rome‘s Indira Varma as The Red Viper’s love interest Ellaria Sand, and Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss, whose role also remains a secret.

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