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Treme's third season pushed back to late 2012

Albert Lambreaux (Clarke Peters) in Treme

Story by Jack Foley

THE third season of critically-acclaimed New Orleans drama Treme won’t premiere on US TV until much later this year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the David Simon created show will be back at ‘an unspecified date in the fall’.

It is not known why HBO has decided to move the show from its usual April slot but Simon is nonplussed, insisting that he seldom pulls an audience anyway.

He has also previously stated that, in his mind, the show will come to its conclusion after the fourth season – although HBO has yet to comment on this.

Commenting on the move, however, Simon told the Times-Picayune: “It doesn’t matter when they put us on. I just want to have it be there for re-watch, for download and for DVDs. That’s where people found The Wire.

“Nobody watched The Wire when it was on the air. Nobody watched it on Sunday nights. People come to it when they come to it.”

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